What to Expect in 2016!

What to Expect in 2016!

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Olivia Babarczy

It’s been a very long time in between newsletters! I hope everyone has been well and had a fabulous summer.  And what a summer it’s been…
My mantra has been to be present and treasure the precious moments (especially with the little people in my life); something for the first time in my career I have the capacity to do in its entirety, yet if I am honest, at times, is still a work in progress..!
I have been blissfully distracted by the birth of my fourth child and third daughter, Saskia. My baby brain has very much been a constant and every time I have thought about reaching out to my wonderful customers and supporters of The Plunge Collective, something, or more accurately someone small (!) has diverted my attention before I can get my hands on the keyboard.
I want to thank everyone for the amazing support of Plunge since the launch.
We have had our kaftans far and wide from the Taj Mahal to Toronto, Byron to Brazil, LA to Utah, the Maldives to Madrid, Hong Kong to Hyams Beach and Palm Beach to Perth.
And there’s more to come…
•A NEW COLLECTION – get ready to bare those beautiful legs as a short little number is heading your way. Watch this space for regular updates on our new prints and styles…
•KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF BLOG CONTENT – as the winter months approach and we dream of the summer past and plan for vacays to come, Plunge will keep your imagination free to fly with our “Best Of” series across our beautiful kaftan destinations – Mykonos, Montauk, Tulum, Sorrento, Formentera and Rottnest Island - as well as our “At Home With” series (yes we are as obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with interiors as you are) where we will share with you hotels and holidays houses we ♥
Stay tuned and remember to Plunge In. x



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